The MOD-BARGE illustrated below is a standard 1200 Barge platform constructed as either a self-propelled or basic dumb barge working platform. That can be fitted with twin motor out mounts, Diesel Inboards or Hydraulic Rudder Drives.

General Specifications

Hull Design Displacement
Design T-Craft
Length (LOA) 11.8 meters
Beam 4 meters
Deck space 47 m²
Weight (Lightship) 4 800 kg - Approx
Buoyancy Material Lift Capacity (Optional) 4.8 m³ - 4800 kgs
Displacement 4200 kgs
Fuel Capacity - Built in tanks 400 litres
Ballast Tanks (Optional) YES - 2 x 800 litres SB-PS
Payload (SWL) 6 000 kgs
Electrical Systems 12 vDC
Propulsion (Twin Sponson mounted) 1 x 150 hp or 2 x 115 hp
Freight Envelope (Lightship) 1 x 12 meter ISO Container

Please note that all dimensions and statistics provided are approximate prior to final design layout and client instructions have been finalized.