Modular Construction, Lead Time and Delivery to Site Process

These SML marine platforms are constructed as integrated modules comprising Sponsons, Deck Assemblies and the selected Superstructure module, which, once completed, allows for disassembly, loading and shipping to our clients site by utilizing standard ISO containers, or normal load trucking contractors.

Logistics and Shipping Cost Benefits

As SML 1200's are shipped from our works to the clients site by utilizing standard ISO containers it stands to reason that this ability will save up to 60% of standard shipping, rigging, and insurance, launching and clearing costs from the yard to the client’s site, which increases exponentially on the larger platforms. The SML 1200 was specifically designed to be deployed rapidly to remote areas, used for operations, and when completed, disassembled and loaded into their associated shipping containers and relocated for further service, or securely stored until they are again required for further deployment and use.

Practical Site based ISO Workshop Modules

The SML working platform can be supported by customized shipping and workshop ISO Housings, which can be fitted out according to client specification at our works.


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