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Captain Nicholas Sloane has spent an inordinate amount of man hours studying the intrinsic challenges that Engineers and technicians face in the marine disaster industry. There are few people around the globe more qualified to evaluate the available solution based marine offerings for such extreme and costly conditions as found in the marine salvage industry.


Sloane Marine, during 2014 decided to put a team of independent specialists together to design an efficient and bespoke modular Oil and Gas marine workboat with a portable site facility and service solution.


Sloane Marine has now launched our SML 1200 Modular Catamaran working platform along with our SML 750 which were designed and developed in South Africa to be portable, easily deployed, retrieved, stored and provide an efficient logistics and storage footprint.


Our vessels are constructed in Port Elizabeth, South Africa which allows us to offer optimal end cost solutions to the African continent.


Please feel free to contact us should you need more information.